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S2 pupils had a last ramble around Dalzell Estate today and we managed to get to the whispering cave. Pupils were amazed that it worked- if one person stands at one end and whispers the person on the other side of the cave can hear it quite clearly. We then went past the Covenanters Oak on the way back which was looking fantastic in fresh green leaves. Talking to the pupils about their IDL experience this year was very positive and they were quite happy- so good bye and bring on the new set of S2 IDLers next week!

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S2 pupils have been learning how to capture perspective and use watercolour paints to create an A3 size painting of their visit to Dalzell Estate a few weeks ago. So far the paintings are looking great with another week of painting to go before they finish! Watch this space to see the finished work…

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Comic creations

The groups are now almost ready to begin pulling all of their work together for their comic about A day in the life of Stirling Castle.

The comics could include

  • photographs from our Stirling Castle trip
  • portraits
  • a bilingual storyline
  • images of artefacts created throughout this session.

And here’s a quick guide to what pupils can do with Comic Life.Page_1